Social Media and Cyber Stalking Facts | Advice and Tips on Staying Protected

What is a Stalker? What can make you one? Is your friend stalking you?

The Definition of stalker: “constantly following, watching or communicating with someone that doesn’t want you to”


Social Media Privacy Facts

63% of Facebook profiles are visible to the public, meaning if you Google someone’s name and you add “+facebook” in the search bar you pretty much will see most of the persons profile! And to make things even creepier, you may even see more than if you were friends, due to the privacy settings.

Facebook Stalking

As the social network used by 16% of the stalkers, there is a couple of thoughts that you should remind yourself of when on Facebook

• 55% of teens share information with the general public and unknowingly with people they don’t know

• 29% of teens have exposed embarrassing information such as photos, videos and rumors about someone else.
• 29% of the teens in the US have been stalked by a complete stranger and have received more than one friend request from people they never knew.
• 24%  of the teens in the US got some of their information on the web, without their permissions.
• 22% have been pranked by some of there friends with their FB status.

Online Stalkers Facts and stats

Social media sites that stalkers use the most:

1. Facebook  16%
2. Twitter – 3%
3. YouTube  1.5%
4. Craigslist  0.5%

social media effect on personality

Social Media and Relationships

A survey done on U.S. college students shows that:

1. 83% regularly check their ex’s Facebook profile.
2. 74% check the profile of their ex’s new romance.
3. 70% use a friend’s profile to check out the profile of their ex after being unfriended.

20% of Divorces in the UK are currently caused by Facebook and social media in general
Social Networks Measures

Social Networks Improvements

Even if social networks are improving on their private settings, and Facebook is blocking users and IPs as per dummy account counts and online behavior, you still need to take you own actions, after all it is your information.


Cyber-stalking is a criminal offense that comes into play under state anti-stalking laws, slander laws, and harassment laws. A cyber-stalking conviction can result in a restraining order, probation, or even criminal penalties against the assailant, including jail.

What you can do to avoid online stalking:

In case things get more serious and in case it is starting to bother you, while one option is to take your self of the gird and switch all your accounts to nonactive, until you feel conformable to bring your online presence back online.

• Set it all to private, most of the social sites allow you to set your account to private or to be only be viewed by you.
• Make sure your address, vacation day, availability, working hours,family information, date of birth and favorite hangouts are not on public display.
• This one goes back to what your parents told you when you are young, dont talk to strangers! For social media to follow strangers, or accept strangers as your friends just because they have someone in common, that person might be a victim of online stalking themselves.
• Make sure your friends and family are not connected to your account and they know about your stalking concerns, and for that manner they would be more considerate when it comes to posting personal Information that might hurt you.
• Avoid apps and games you don’t feel the urge to use, most of these Apps do have access to your personal information and most of us do accept the terms and conditions that allow them to share information on our behalf to third parties.
• Don’t check-in at locations that you actually most often go to.
• Don’t attend events that you might not go to, and make sure you know the host before accepting the event, events creators have ease of access to your information, and they get notified whenever someone joins there event.
• Don’t sync all your content if using mobile, you might accidentally reach people.


And here are even more tips on how to prevent online stalking:

Social Networking became parts of our life and we can’t ignore it, I strongly advise you to draw the lines for others and remember it is your memories and your life, choose carefully who you want to share it with.


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